Our Story

Vicky Cakes™ comes from the heart of my mother Vicky, a Delta Mississippi native who is known for having the “it” factor in the kitchen. 

Growing up, my siblings and I enjoyed homemade meals from scratch every night for dinner; and every Saturday morning we would devour her buttermilk pancakes. Affectionately named after my mother, this pancake recipe has brought bright smiles and full stomachs to everyone who has sat down at our kitchen table. It is genuinely one of the most requested meals in our family and is a staple that will never lose its weight.

Thankfully, my mother’s love for the kitchen, culinary skills, and passion for feeding people’s souls was passed down to me, and I proudly present to you Vicky Cakes Buttermilk Pancake Mix™, the recipe that has won people’s hearts time and time again. Great memories and strong nostalgic vibes keep our family tradition going, and now you’re invited to share the same experience with your family through these delicious buttermilk pancakes. Laugh together, eat together and build together while enjoying the heart of breakfast!

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Our Mission

Vicky Cakes’ mission is to bring families back to the table.

Christian Sargent, Founder of Vicky Cakes


Homemade Buttermilk Pancake Mix!

Original Buttermilk • Blueberry • Pecan • Chocolate • Gluten-Free

Mix it to the next level with homemade pancake mix, wholesome ingredients, and premium toppings. No preservatives. No artificial colors. Our pancake mix is the heart of breakfast!

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