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"The Heart of Breakfast"

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Rethink what a pancake really is with Vicky Cakes, a light, fluffy and dairy-free pancake & waffle mix that you’ll feel good about eating and serving your family.

America's Best Pancake & Waffle Mix

Dairy-free, vegan-friendly

There are no powdered milk products in our bag, which makes it perfect for vegans, vegetarians, and plant-based peeps.

Only the good stuff

There’s no preservatives, artificial colors, gums, GMOs, or hydrated oils. Just wholesome ingredients for a wholesome breakfast.


We don’t believe in substituting flavor for convenience. Our mix calls for fresh ingredients that guarantee a fresh taste.

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This is Vicky. She created a famous pancake mix recipe that’s been a family secret for nearly 40 years.

Vicky Cakes is a “clean” pancake & waffle mix that’s so light, fluffy and delicious, you won’t even count how many you’ve eaten!

Vicky was born and raised in the Mississippi Delta where good food was as common as a sunny day. After moving to Gary, IN and being a single mom of four in the late ‘70s, she created this delicious healthy recipe out of necessity for her children. 

Word spread around the Midwest and soon family and friends couldn’t resist her light and fluffy pancakes, and the demand grew. “Vicky Cakes” was conceived in 2013, launched on Mother’s Day of 2019, and the rest is history in the making.

Bringing families back to the table

Our Mission – We live in such a busy society and rarely do families sit down together for breakfast and dinner anymore. Our mission is to bring families back to the table for good meals and good memories.

Our Vision – Our vision is to create a culture of family value and tradition, and become the highest-grossing pancake mix in the world.

The Sargent Family, founders of Vicky Cakes
Hear the back story of Vicky Cakes from CEO, Co-Founder, and Vicky's youngest daughter Christian Sargent
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