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this is Vicky

Vicky created a pancake mix that’s been a family secret for nearly 40 years.

Rethink what a pancake really is with Vicky Cakes, a light, fluffy, and dairy-free pancake & waffle mix that you’ll feel good about eating and serving your family. It’s non-GMO, has no preservatives or artificial ingredients, it’s 100% vegan-friendly, and available in gluten-free. Vicky Cakes is authentically black-owned and woman-owned.

Better than "just add water"

Forty years ago, Vicky added vanilla flavor, buttermilk, milk, and egg to her pancakes to give them a robust flavor profile; and everyone fell in love with them! We follow her original recipe exactly as she made it.

After one taste, you’ll see why Vicky Cakes is the superior dairy-free pancake & waffle mix that people love feeding their family and friends! Vicky’s unique recipe and wholesome ingredients combined with our creative approach to your favorite breakfast item, is what sets Vicky Cakes stacks above the rest!

We're proud of what's not in our mix...


Vicky Cakes® Pancake & Waffle Mix

These original, vegan, dairy-free homemade pancakes cook up light, fluffy, and golden brown with crispy edges, just the way we all love them. It  doubles as a waffle mix, so you can get double the fun!


Vicky Cakes® Pancake & Waffle Mix

These blueberry pancakes won’t leave you blue at all because they’re made with a fresh and sweet taste of your new favorite fruit. Made with REAL blueberries!


Vicky Cakes® Pancake & Waffle Mix

Go simply nuts over these dairy free, light and fluffy pancakes and waffles with REAL pecan pieces in every bite. Add banana slices for a fresh and savory combo of flavor.

Chocolate Chip

Vicky Cakes® Pancake & Waffle Mix

Feed your sweet tooth with these dairy free chocolate chip pancakes or waffles for breakfast, brunch or a midnight snack. Get oohs and aahs from the kiddos with REAL semi-sweet chocolate chips in every bite.


Vicky Cakes® Pancake & Waffle Mix

All the delicious without the gluten! These dairy free homemade pancakes and waffles cook up golden brown, light, fluffy and delicious–just the way we all love them.

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